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  • Every Touchdown from Every Game on Sunday AfternoonsNFL RedZone constantly monitors every game on Sunday afternoons and shows live look-ins on teams that have entered the red zone or are a considerable threat to score. They do the hard work for you, so you don’t have to flip back and forth between multiple channels hoping to catch the big plays!
  • Watch up to 8 Games at OnceNFL RedZone isn’t limited to just showing you one game at a time. When all the excitement happens at once, it goes to split screen with as many as eight separate feeds shown simultaneously.
  • Skip the Commercial InterruptionsWhen one game goes to commercial, NFL RedZone immediately switches to another game so that you’re always watching the most interesting action happening at that moment.
  • No BlackoutsNFL RedZone is exempt from NFL blackout rules, meaning that you’ll still be able to catch live look-ins of games that are blacked out in your local market.
  • Fuel Your Fantasy TeamNFL RedZone starts every Sunday with a 90-minute pregame show NFL Fantasy Live. Plus a fantasy football ticker keeps you updated throughout the day with stats and superlatives.
  • Football AnywhereNot home for the day? No problem – watch NFL RedZone live from your computer, tablet, or smartphone with WTVE on the NFL app.

Some NFL RedZone FAQ:
  • What happens if there are two games in the redzone?
    One of two things will happen: The first is they will jump play-to-play, if the snaps are staggered. If the snaps are happening at the same time then Redzone will jump to a “double-box” where you get both games at the same time.
  • What if there are no games in the redzone?They will either jump to the most intriguing matchup or to the game that is closest to the redzone.
  • When does coverage end?
    Coverage is only for Sunday day games (morning and afternoon). It does not cover the Thursday night, primetime games (Sunday night, Monday Night) or playoffs.

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